Air France Airbus A330 Shot Twice After Landing In The Congo

An Air France Airbus A330-200 was shot twice after landing at Agostinho-Neto International Airport, Point-Noire.

The Airbus A330 was shot twice Photo: From Web

The aircraft with registration F-GZCK was operating a repatriation flight AF4145 from Paris Charles De Gaulle to Pointe-Noire, to bring back over 100 French citizens from Point-Noire to their home country.

Afterwards, the plane was set to fly to Bangui in the Central African Republic to pick up 120 more French citizens.

However, the aircraft is grounded after firearms were used against the aircraft. According to reports, the aircraft was shot twice after landing.

Out of two shots, one bullet completely punctures the fuselage of the Airbus A330, whereas the second bullet hit the tarmac.

The aircraft was assigned to repatriate French Citizens Photo: @BrazzaNews

A PMAK assault rifle, which is being used by the Congolese Armed Force, Local police and Gendarmerie, was used to shot the plane.

According to Les Echos, the shooter was reported to be a member of the airport gendarme and was on duty at the time. They took aim and fired two shots at the plane after the aircraft arrived at the airport.

It is also stated that the shooter took three agents hostage before shooting the aircraft. This video clearly shows the aircraft after the incident:

The shooter has been arrested and taken into custody. It is reported that the shooter might have been intoxicated. However, the reason behind it is still unknown.

Air France was quick to confirm the incident on twitter. In a tweet, Air France said:

"The flight scheduled for 10:00 has been postponed for 24 hours to allow a replacement aircraft and a crew to be transported from Paris CDG."

Air France sent a team of technicians to Point Noire on-board a Boeing 777-200 (F-GSPG) to help fix the damaged Airbus A330. 

The Boeing 777-200 will pick up around 100 French Citizens from Point-Noire and will continue to Bangui, where it will pick up 120 more stranded French Citizens. The aircraft will return back Paris with a total of 220 passengers on-board.

Air France sent a Boeing 777-200 as replacement Photo: @veryboeing

The Airbus A330 was 17.2 years old and was delivered to Air France in March 2003. It was configured with a total of 224 seats in three class configuration.Whereas, the replacement Boeing 777-200 has 280 seats. 


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    The Airbus A330 was 17.2 years old and was delivered to Air France in March 2013.

    1. Updated now. It was delivered in March, 2003

  2. I think that was a typo. Aircraft was delivered in 2003.