COVID-19 Delays The Analysis Of Flight PS757's Black Boxes

Canada and other countries have asked officials in Tehran to delay downloading data on the black boxes from the shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752.

Flight PS757's Black box analysis postponed Photo: JetPhotos

This decision is because of travel restrictions imposed due to wide-spread coronavirus pandemic. This restriction has made it difficult for experts to arrive and work on the black boxes.

Iran contacted the countries last week to know when experts would arrive to help download the data of the black boxes, according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB).

As reported, Canada assured Iran that it is looking forward to download the data from the black boxes. However, this requires the actual presence of experts from all the interested countries so this analysis should be postponed until there is proper environment for a safe travel.

Analysis is postponed due to travel restrictions Photo: Getty

"We still expect Iran will carry through with its commitment to have the recorders downloaded once conditions improve," added TSB president Kathy Fox.

Back in March, Iran had agreed to hand over black boxes from Flight 752 to Ukraine or France for complete analysis which was welcomed by Canada and Ukraine. 

The boxes are expected to contain information about the last moments before the Boeing 737 was hit by a missile leading the aircraft to crash shortly after take-off from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport on 8th January, 2020.

Both black box were found out from the site

The flight was carrying a total of 176 people including 167 passengers and nine crew members were on board. None of them survived in the fatal crash. which crashed shortly after take-off on 8th January, 2020.

Killing all the 176 people on-board, it is the deadliest aviation incident in Iran in more than a decade, along with the worst accident involving a Boeing 737 NG.

Among 176 people, 82 Iranians followed by 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians including 2 passengers and 9 crew members, 10 Swedes along with four Afghans, three Britons and three Germans were on board according to Ukraine Foreign Minister, Vadym Prystailo.

Missile hit the plane which led the plane to crash Photo: CP24

Although, no reasons were identified initially, Pentagon officials and Iraqi Intelligence later confirmed that the Boeing 737 operating flight 752 was accidentally hit by missile on 11th January.

On February 2, intercepted communications between Tehran Airport's ATC and the second pilot of Iran's Aseman Airlines flight at the time of the crash of flight PS752 were leaked.

Tehran blamed the Ukrainian Authorities for leaking what it described as confidential evidence and said it would no longer share investigation materials with Ukraine.

Ceremony to commemorate the victims Photo: NSDC of Ukraine 

Later on 14th February, the Iranian Foreign Minister said Iran did not plan to hand the black boxes over but it would not decrypt their data without the participation of the parties concerned.