Atlas Air Boeing 767 Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Catches Fire Above Honolulu

An Atlas Air Boeing 767-300ER performed an emergency landing at Honolulu, Hawaii after suffering an in-flight engine shut down.

The aircraft was operating flight 5Y-8585 from Honolulu, USA to Guam with 212 passengers on board. The Atlas Air plane took off from Honolulu at around 8:45 p.m on Saturday.

Footage shared by the people on the ground, and passengers in that plane captured the terrifying moments when the Atlas Air Boeing 767 experienced emergency engine failure.

The engine number 2 emitted bangs and streaks of flames, forcing the crew to declare an emergency shortly after taking off from Hickam Air Force Base.

One of the passengers on board spotted flames shooting from the aircraft. The passengers also reported hearing sounds of explosions. 

One passenger also tweeted "so our plane almost blew up just now leaving Hawaii."

Flightpath by Flightradar24

Similarly, witnesses from the ground described hearing sounds of explosions before seeing what they say were those bright flashes of light.

The aircraft was in the initial climb after it took off at runway 08R when the crew declared an emergency on the tower frequency. They remained on tower frequency reporting right-hand engine failure and due to repeated engine surges/compressor stalls, with the engine emitting bangs and streaks of flame.

The aircraft then stopped the climb at 2000 ft and the crew decided to shut down the engine after they performed a severe engine damage checklist. 

The aircraft involved in the incident. Photo: Pete Heffernan

The crew requested an ILS approach to runway 08L and then resumed their climb and reached 3000 feet before landing safely on runway 08L some 30 minutes after departure.

Regarding the incident, in a statement, Atlas Air said:

"An Atlas Air passenger flight landed safely at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu following a mechanical issue with one engine. At Atlas, safety is always our top priority and we will be conducting a thorough inspection to determine the cause."

No injuries were reported. Photo: Wikimedia

No injuries were reported among 212 passengers on board the aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Atlas Air Boeing 767-300ER, with registration N649GT, was delivered to the airline back in January 2016 after being in operation with multiple airlines.

The aircraft was initially delivered to Malev Hungarian Airlines back in April 1992 and is currently 28.5 years old.

Atlas Air operates a large number of wide-bodies. Photo: Getty

Atlas Air is the largest provider of commercial aircraft in the wide-body cargo segment in the United States. Atlas Air has a fleet comprised of Boeing 747s, 777s, 767s, and 737s.