French Presidential A330 Suffered Wing Strike In Lebanon

The French Presidential A330 suffered wing damage in Beiruit. Photo: The Travellers Club 

The French Presidential Airbus A330-200 has suffered it's wingtip damage when it was being towed in Beirut, Lebanon.

The aircraft was involved in the towing incident on Monday afternoon, after Emmanuel Macron arrived in Beiruit on his second visit to the city, after the devastating explosion. 

The wingtip of the French A330 punctured a hole in a hangar after the incident. However, the main cause of the incident is still unknown.

The main cause of the incident is unknown. Photo: @jonokkw
After this incident, President Macron will return to France on a Dassault Falcon jet. According to reports, the aircraft was repaired by the engineers on-site.

The Airbus A330-200, with registration F-RARF, was delivered to the French Air Force back in October 2010. However, the aircraft was initially delivered to Swissair back in November 1998.

The aircraft was in service with Air Caraibes until May 2009 after Swiss. The aircraft was assembled in Toulouse, France, and is currently 21.9 years old.

The A332 arrived in Beirut on Monday under the callsign “COTAM 001” which is the ATC designation for any aircraft the President is flying onboard.

Screenshot: FlightAware

Early morning on Wednesday, the aircraft flew out of Beirut to somewhere near Amman, Jordan as tracked by FlightAware.