Mother Goes For A Walk On Boeing 737's Wing Because She Was 'Too Hot' While Waiting To Disembark In Ukraine

A woman arriving back in Ukraine following a holiday in Turkey decided to walk on the aircraft's wing using the emergency doors to step out of the plane.

She rushed out of the aircraft after Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS-6212 landed in Kyiv. She calmly walked up the aisle, opened the emergency exit, and went for a stroll out on the Boeing 737-800s wing after landing.

According to reports, the woman felt too hot after the flight and decided to take a cooling walk 'to get some air' on the airplane's wing.

All people around, including her children, couldn’t believe what they were witnessing, the woman turned around and climbed back into the plane.

However, the woman safely made it back into the plane to join her husband and their two children on board.

A video clip, which is now doing rounds of social media, shows the woman in a white Tshirt walking casually on the wing of the aircraft. 

As the video progresses, she could be seen completing her walk before getting inside:

Another passenger also confirmed the stunt and mentioned that most of the other passengers had already disembarked the plane. The passenger described:

"She walked almost all the way from the tail to the emergency exit row, opened the door, and went out."

"By that time her two children were outside the plane and standing right next to me. They were surprised, saying, 'That’s our mum!'"

After knowing what had happened, the pilot called for an ambulance, police, and guards along with some other airport officials.

Although the police were called, it was determined that the woman didn’t have any drugs or alcohol in her system, so that wasn’t the problem.

Ukraine International Airlines confirmed that the passenger has been backlisted from flying their airline. 

Photo: UIA

In a media outlet, the airline spokesperson said:

"A passenger of flight PS6212 Antalya-Kyiv illegally opened the emergency exit of the plane after it stopped near gate 11 of terminal D and went on to its wing. 

"The passenger was flying on a charter vacation with her husband and children. The chief pilot immediately summoned the aviation security, border service, police, and medical center of Boryspil Airport. 

Photo: UIA

"The passenger was blacklisted for gross violation of aviation safety rules and behavior onboard."

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