Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX Suffers Inflight Engine Shutdown, Forced to Divert - Aero World

The aircraft was operating a positioning flight. Photo: Getty Images

An Air Canada Boeing 737-8 MAX suffered an engine issue during a positioning flight on December 22nd. The aircraft was stored in the Arizona desert since February this year. 

The Boeing 737 MAX, with registration C-FSNQ, was performing flight AC-2358 from Pinal Airpark Marana to Montreal with 3 crew members on board.  

At 39,000 feet, the crew reported a left-hand engine hydraulic low-pressure indication. Shortly thereafter, after receiving a fuel imbalance indication, the crew decided to shut down the left engine. 

After that, the crew declared PAN PAN and diverted to Tucson International Airport. The aircraft made a safe landing some 80 minutes after departure. 


  1. this 737 max is a death trap flying coffin

  2. That jet has been idle for 8 months without maintenance checkup. As proven, it's designed to safely fly and land on just one engine. Hence the pilots opt to shut off the left engine before anything serious happens.

  3. If you are in the aircraft industry operations and engineering coordinating daily meeting, you would be exposed to hundreds of such similar learning incidents on a daily basis from your own and other airlines.